Ragdoll' s




Tiggers'R'Us Beau
Known as Thor

Thor is a Seal Tabby Point, he is a very sweet boy and loves a cuddle, he has done very well as a stud and has many kittens running around. He has been taking a brake for a few months as he was in very high demand last year, and as we are renewing his housing he is having a good brake from the ladies. It has done him good he had put on weight and had time to chill out which is great, but new housing will be ready soon.

Calunthor Dumbledore
Known as Loki

Introducing our new boy, he is Sookie and Smokey's son, so he is unrelated to most of my girls, he is only a baby at the moment but he is a lilac tabby like his mum, we think he is very handsome and will be a super stud