Ragdoll' s




Rainbow Bridge

Loosing a pet is such a hard thing to deal with, often written off as 'just an animal' but that animal spends more time with you than anyone, maybe even your partner sometimes,so its understandable how we all have these amazing bonds with them. Here are some of my gone but always remembered.


Monkey was my second Burmese girl that I was going to try to breed from, she was 21 months old and had a tragic accident in the lounge while playing. Totally heartbreaking she was just the sweetest cat you could ever meet.


Cody was a Toy Poodle with a crazy ball obsession, he was the most disloyal dog you could ever meet, he loved everyone and would go off with anyone. But if he felt ill he wanted his mum. He was special and will always have a place in my heart. 


Sam was Luna's son he was a very determined cat and despite us having a catio for all the cats Sam would not stay in, he created hell till he was let out. Sadly this led to him being in a RTA. Sam loved Nugget and his mum and liked us to all have a group snuggle.


What can I say about Nugget, she was the boss and kept everyone in order, but they all adored her. She really was sweetest girl, and the house has not been quite the same since, there has been mutinies and rebellions all round.  


Maddy was a miniature poodle and very highly strung, she went everywhere with me, she was my love!