Ragdoll' s




Puristokatz Harmony
Known as Sookie

Sookie is a Lilac Tabby Point and she has been very challenging when it comes to meeting up with our stud Thor, I have been beginning to think that we may never have any babies.  We decided to try something different and sent to see my friends stud. Sookie successfully carried and gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens.

Calunthor Illria
Known as Lilly

Lilly is a Seal Tabby Point, she is Thor and Daisy's daughter and she is funny girl she loves to pinch my seat or my place in bed even if I get up in the night to go to the loo, I come back and there she is laying with her head on my pillow, looking almost smiling, cheeky girl.

Calunthor Vixen
Known as Foxy

Foxy is a Chocolate Point, she is Thor's daughter from Pixie a Queen we had one litter from, poor Pixie had a bad labour and ended up very ill afterwords, she managed to care for her kittens till they where 4 weeks old and I was able to wean them. This is when Daisy took over care of keeping them clean and warm. We got Pixie better, but she had never coped well in a multi cat household, one of the hardest parts of breeding I feel, but at the end of the day you need to put the cats needs above yours. Pixie now lives as a very pampered girl I got a picture of her a Christmas and she is massive, she has access to a cat safe garden she lives the life!

Foxy is very independent and wants attention her way, she is a bit of a madam, and I always feel very honoured when comes for a cuddle. She has recently visited my friends stud and is due beginning of April.

Calunthor Willow
Known as Willow

Willow is a Blue Bicolour, she is Daisy's daughter but we used an outside stud to provide us with another female for our Thor hopefully. Boy did we hit the jackpot, Willow not only looks beautiful she has a temperament to match. She loves everyone she meets.

Calunthor Kathryn
Known as Glory

Glory is a Seal Tabby Mitted, I am so in love with this girl she is Lilly's daughter, and she over groomed her to the point that she was nearly bald. luckily she has a brother that kept her nice and warm, but she was so feisty and such a little character. She has grown into a beautiful girl and she is so loving. I will not be breeding her for a while as she is way to young.

Calunthor Kitty Winters
Known as Buffy

This is our gorgeous little Buffy only 5 months at the moment but hopefully a future queen, she is Foxy and Smokey's daughter, and she is a lilac mitted. Buffy is very cuddly and gets on well with everyone, she reminds me a lot of her grandma Pixie when she comes for a cuddle she likes to get right up under my chin, what a little sweetie

Radolloasis Tessa 
Known as Daisy

Daisy is now neutered, she remains with us to watch over her family, she is a Seal Mitted Ragdoll with a bit of an uneven Blaze, but that just makes her more beautiful to me. She is a fantastic mum, with a super temperament, she has even stood in for other mum's and raised their kittens when they have been ill.I am sure whe will love nanny duties.