Ragdoll' s




The Rest of the Gang


Luna is a bit of a crazy girl, your typical tortie, she is me as a cat I think lovely one minute then biting your head off the next. I am sure my daughter would agree :)


Booboo is a troubled guy he likes to hide and is scared of his own shadow, he is exactly what I don't want my kittens to be like. but he is a proper lovebug as well  


Emmy was living under a car when I found her, she was covered in fleas and had a nasty flea allergy. We got that sorted out but in the process we found out she was pregnant, poor Emmy but she has had a happy life from then.


Twinkle is Emmy's daughter, yes of course I kept a kitten lol she is my little shining star 


Deedee as we call her is our first ever ragdoll, she came to us with a birth defect, her leg joints where all angled the wrong way. Her breeder wanted us to wait to see how it developed but after a year it was just getting heavy and she was miserable, so we had the surgery done, and she has not looked back.


We did at one stage think we would breed Burmese as well as ragdoll's sadly this was not to be. Caly had a few visits to see a stud but it came to nothing and ended up with pyometra so we had her spayed and she now sleeps on my pillow every night


Monti is an Oriental Shorthair I guess I love the extreme look, he is totally my boy and likes to snuggle round my neck if he can, or with Caly they are great buddies


AJ was Aaron's mum's dog, sadly she passed away so we have AJ. He had never met a cat up close before only seen them on walks, he is not that keen, they don't mind they want to play with him and he runs away!


Ben is Glory's brother, he is a real sweetheart. I am so pleased to have kept a boy this time. m m|m<kio(

Happy house

Happy cats

Happy kittens


Sushi went off to his forever home, but it didn't work out for him so we collected him. we tried to find a new home but for some crazy reason no-one responded. So we are very happy to have him here with us as he is delightful