Ragdoll' s




The Rest of the Gang


Luna is a bit of a crazy girl, your typical tortie, she is me as a cat I think lovely one minute then biting your head off the next. I am sure my daughter would agree :)


Twinkle is Emmy's daughter, yes of course I kept a kitten lol she is my little shining star 


Emmy was living under a car when I found her, she was covered in fleas and had a nasty flea allergy. We got that sorted out but in the process we found out she was pregnant, poor Emmy but she has had a happy life from then.


Monti is my Oriental Shorthair I love the look of these cats they are so beautiful I love their ears the best, I think they are amazing. My Monti is rather a pickle, very bossy and likes the sound of his own voice, and i think he is perfect 



AJ was Aaron's mum's dog who sadly passed away, so he has had to get used to living with the cats. He had only met them on walks before, he really is not that keen on them. The cats really are not that bothered they still go and try and make friends with him, he just ignores them!


We did at one stage think we would breed Burmese as well as ragdoll's sadly this was not to be. Caly had a few visits to see a stud but it came to nothing and ended up with pyometra so we had her spayed and she now sleeps on my pillow every night


Ben is my gorgeous chunky boy that demands my attention with hiss big blue eyes, he is just adorable and I could squish him all day if there was nothing else to do.


Deedee as we call her was our first ragdoll, she is a blue tortie point. When we got her, her back left leg was completely deformed but the breeder wanted it to have time to correct itself. We waited until she started to get miserable, I advised the breeder there had been no improvement and the leg was weighing her down now. she was happy for us to go ahead. it really was the best thing we could do for her, she is so happy and gets around so well. she is truly amazing  


Sushi is a kitten that was returned that I really did not make enough effort to find a new home for. He returned with a few problems I needed to sort out and in the process settled back in here. He is the soppiest boy and I couldn't part with him.