Ragdoll' s




Who Are We

Aaron Booth & Janita Ann

Aaron and I have been together now for nearly 5 years, I have always been cat crazy but it was Aaron who bought me my first pedigree cat, so that we could take him to cat shows. Something I have always wanted to do, we are now both committee members of The Garden of England Cat Club a member of Felis Britannica the English part of FIFe.

Our Goals

First is to breed happy healthy kittens, that have lots of confidence and love to give. 
Second comes the improvement of the breed through the selection of kittens kept for breeding 
I spend a lot of time with my kittens they get a lot of love and attention. They get to meet some of the other members of the cat family as they get older which is always fun, and leads to lots of running around!

All Kittens come with a 4 generation pedigree from FIFe 

Kitten Contract                           Fully Vaccinated

5 Weeks Insurance                    Micro-chipped

2 Health Checks                           Neutered

Flea & Worm Treated                Scent Blanket

Toys                                                Wet & Dry Food

And a lifetime of support & advice