Ragdoll' s




Ragdoll's of Calunthor

A house isn't a home without a ragdoll

Ragdoll's are a joy to be around, they are great with kids, they love to be with you, often greeting you at the door on your return home, they like to play fetch and you can take them on walks.

 They will bring joy to your day with their funny little ways, and snuggle with you to cheer you up. The only downside is that one maybe is not enough!

Beautiful and full of love

Their coats are soft and silky, and their eyes are like a pool you could dive into!

Most of my ragdoll's seem to have the loudest purr's and love attention and being played with. I love listening to kittens purr as they feed from their mum, which starts very young sometimes before their eyes open.

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